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Product quality youíll remember

long after the price is forgotten.


Of all the tools you have for your job, nothing is more important than your truck. Thatís why choosing the best available is a must. If your truck requires special equipment that is not factory-installed, you may find yourself in a precarious position.

For example; that low-cost landscape equipment you bought looked real good until it started falling apart within a very short time. So did the stake beds.They just couldnít stand up to the demands you placed on them. Or, the workmanship flaws you found in your utility body truck conversions after you bought a fleet of them. Why didnít you notice it in the beginning? Were you distracted by that really great price? And, where else is rugged reliability more of an issue than dump trucks? Long-haul or short trips, mile-for-mile, these workhorses take more than their fair share of punishment, and their wear-out rates prove it. So whatís the answer to this dilemma?

Griffin Truck Equipment! Itís that simple. You see, we build our trucks under the same set of standards as the truck manufacturers. No short cuts. No ďmaking doĒ. No sub-standard materials or methods. In short, high quality start to finish in the manufacturing process guarantees exceptional satisfaction where it really counts; out there in the real worldwhere you work hard for your living.

Thatís worth a little extra, isnít it?

Clearly the working man's choice

for reliability and durability.

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